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Natural Nail Fungus Treatment Herbals


Common Names

Almonds (or Sweet Almonds to some) apparently refer to the scientific terms Prunus Dulcis or Prunus Amygdalus. Almonds however appear to be more popular as an ideal partner of our all time favorite - the chocolates.



Almonds are trees, from where almond nuts grow comes from a plant genus belonging to the family of Rosaceae Rose.


Stories have it that almond is actually Phyllis, grieving over a lost love. It was told in the Greek Mythology that Demophoon, left her and soon after, she died because of extreme grief. Greek Gods were said to have turned her remains to a tree, which later became almond. It was said that the tree remained flower-less and had no fruits until Demophoon returned.


Parts Used

Aside from its fruits, specifically the nuts, being used as an add-on in chocolate bars, expressed oil extracts are also said to be very beneficial both as herb and natural skin care.


General Information

Almond trees are medium sized plants. It could actually grow by as tall as seven feet. It has physical attributes like pale branches, oval leaves, stalk-less flower, green fruits that splits up in time to open up for the nut itself.


Almond has been in existence for who knows how long. It could be found in abundance in the Middle East Asia. It has found its way into our taste-buds, our skin and guess where - in our toes for treatment of fungal disorder known as fungus.


Common Uses

Almonds are made to form part of the chocolate preparations. The inclusion of almond nuts in various chocolate bars brands have in fact largely contributed to an added cost. Chocolates and almonds when mixed up complement the taste of the people with great passions for sweets.


It is also widely used as a natural skin care herb. Its oil extracts have been proven to have natural healing effects.


Almond oil extracts consist of properties which are essential in treating nail fungus.