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Cascara Sagrada

Natural Colon Cleanse Herbals


Common Names

Cascara Sagrada is known in many other names - Cascara, Cascara Buckthorn, Chittem Bark and Sacred Bark. It is an herbal tree with large reddish brown bark where clustered leaves grow.


Cascara Sagrada blooms from May to June. Its flowers turn to greenish white, while its black, rounded fruits grow sometime September of each year. It has therapeutic properties that have long been helping treat many common ailments.



Cascara Sagrada is a Spanish term which literally means Sacred Bark. Its use dates back centuries ago. Spanish was said to have first made use of the Sacred Bark as an herbal medicine. Soon after, it was the Native American Indians, who found it ?extremely useful and beneficial ? health-wise?.


It was however the native American Indians who made further studies on Cascara Sagrada, which they, themselves developed as medicine for many other ailments, including pains caused by constipation. The manner in which they prepare the herbal medicine was simple - they simply boil its bark and drink its extract. By 1877, the American physicians recognized its usefulness after administering a series of tests. It was in 1894 that it was finally accepted in the list of medically accepted essential herbs with therapeutic effects.


Parts Used

Cascara?s barks are of optimal use. It is from where the bulk of herbal essences are derived. The leaves also not rendered as useless. Like the barks it produces honey and oil extracts that serve as a mild laxative.


General Information

Cascara Sagrada has been proven beneficial through the years. It does not only treat ailments, it also promotes health and fitness by keeping us away from any form of internal disorder. Basically a laxative, Cascara Sagrada has significantly contributed in keep patients away from parasitic organisms and toxins at that.


Common Uses

Cascara Sagrada cleanses colon, detoxifies unwanted toxins, help in weight control, eases discomforts caused by constipation and other digestive problems. It is regarded of high use in colon cleansing. It also has soothing effects that relaxes the muscles of the intestines. Commercially available laxatives are also known to have cascara components.



Cascara Sagrada