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Common Names

Fennel also comes with other names - Common Fennel, Hsiao-Hui-Hsiang, Large Fennel, Roman Fennel, Shatapushpa, Shih-Lo, Sweet Fennel, Tzu-Mo-Lo, Wild Fennel and Xiao-Hue-Xiang.



Fennel is widely grown in the Mediterranean region, from where it was said to have been discovered and first tested as herbal component.


Parts Used

Fennel has top to bottom parts being utilized. Among the parts of the plant that is being used are the roots, its seeds and the fragrant oil that is derived from the fruits.


Oil extracts from the fruits are used for cosmetic product and food aroma enhancer as well.


The seeds are used to derive therapeutic medicines against pains, induces appetite, heal kidney disorders, sore throat and sore eyes. It is also used for weight loss purposes and relaxing effects.


The flower parts are also useful especially during summer season. The yellowish petals are used to enhance bouquet presentation.


General Information

What is commonly used as aromatic herb in our food is actually a widely used herbal medicine to cure digestion problems back in the ancient times. Fennel, which has a fragrant scent, is also used to promote metabolism in the human body through absorption as the fennel?s oil component triggers to increase in secretion of digestive enzymes. Because of its therapeutic effects, ancient people have developed the practice of mixing fennel in their foods.


Digestive disorders like spasm, heartburn, constipation and abdominal pain are among those stomach discomforts that fennel relieves using its therapeutic properties.


Common Uses

Fennel has a wide range of uses as most of the herb is made into another form. Fennel is used in cooking as its aroma enhances food and beverage preparations.


It is also used for therapeutic purposes. In fact, it is widely used to ease pain as well as other internal disorders. Accordingly, it induces appetite, heals kidney disorders, sore throat, sore eyes, among others. It is also used for weight loss purposes.


It also has relaxing effects. Residual oil from fennel was also used as ointment for a relaxing sensation when applied to the skin either through massage. Some reflexiologists are also using them in their therapeutic practice.


For moms who just gave birth to her baby, it is advisable to take fennel to promote and enhance milk production for her baby?s nourishment. Breastfeeding has always been considered as best for babies.