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Common Names

Fenugreek is basically dried ripe seeds technically referred to as Trigonella Foenum-Graecum. It is commonly referred to as Greek Hayseed, Billy-Goat Clover, Camel Grass, Common Fenugrec, Hu-Lu-Ba, Hu-Lu-Pa, K'u-Tou, Methi and Trigonella.



Fenugreek is basically herb that traces its origin from the plant family line of Fabaceae from Southern Europe. As to where it really originated, there have been no account, although there are recorded uses of Fenugreek in the Middle East and the Africa.


Parts Used

Only the ripe seeds of Fenugreek are being used for therapeutic procedures. Seeds, which have been found to have a high concentration of mucilage, were also diagnosed to have components of Nicotinic Acid, Coumarin, Trigonelline, Steroidal Sapogenins, Yamogenin and Diosgenin.  


General Information

Classified as herb, it has the medical attributes making it an essential ingredient in the manufacturing of therapeutic and medical products. These products include those used both for external and internal applications.


Equally significant is its component which promotes and enhances milk production of mothers who have just given birth to new born babies.  


What makes Fenugreek or Greek Hayseed essential is its high concentration of mucilage. The Greek Hayseeds contain 40% of mucilage.


Common Uses

The mucilage concentrates has a soothing effect which makes it an ideal compound in making poultices and ointments, which are applied in various parts of the external body in pain. Using poultices and ointments can be administered personally at home. Some reflexiologists are also using them in their therapeutic practice. It is also used to cure burns.


Fenugreek is also recommended for internal use as cure to people in pain. Its mucilaginous properties also make it an ideal component in herbal mixtures for stomach aches. Initial medical tests on animals show that Fenugreek has potential therapeutic effects, which tends to ease pain among people in pain.


Among other ?ailments? where Fenugreek appears to be effectively delivering ?results? are cancer, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, inflammations, fungal infections and even baldness. There are however no scientific findings yet on whether or not it is effective and safe for the human.


India has earlier been reported to be using Fenugreek in the treatment of people found to have diabetes. There were also claims that people from Middle East Asia and the North Africa are also using Fenugreek to heal sick people. They are also used to induce childbirth and to increase breast-milk production.


Any mom, who just gave birth, is deemed to be in the best position to breastfeed and nourish her baby, provided that her body is firmed up with herbal essence of the Fenugreek. Breast milk from moms taking Fenugreek extracts, have low cholesterol and low fat.


Accordingly, it has an after taste of sweet and spicy, which qualifies it for culinary use. It is also made an ingredient (spice additive) for salad, soup, stews, flavoring and coffee substitute.