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Natural Nail Fungus Treatment Herbals


Common Names

Garlic, which is also known for its scientific name Allium Sativum, has many other names which include Clove Garlic, Da Suan, Poor-Man's-Treacle, Rashona, Rustic Treacle, Stinking Rose and Tricolor Garlic.


Aside from being known as a dependable partner in the kitchen, it also has some remarkable features that tend to promote health even as it is deemed as very effective natural herb treatment for a long list of internal and external ailments.



Garlic basically comes from the Lily plant genus known as Liliaceae. It belongs to the same family where onion apparently belongs.


There have been no substantiated claims as to where (or as to what country, continent or region) it actually originated although there have been mentions of the garlic in some old English dictionaries as early as the 10th century BC.


Parts Used

As many of us would probably visualize the garlic, it is the bulb itself that generates what is deemed as useful and essential in food preparations and medicine.


General Information

Garlic is a common ingredient in many food preparations. It is also regarded as a cook?s efficient and dependable partner in his or her quest to enhance the taste of whatever he or she is cooking. When cooked, garlic emits a scent that seemed attracting people to taste whatever is being prepared for meal.


Unknown to many, while garlic enhances the taste of a dish, it also brings along a lot of health benefits. As a therapeutic herb, garlic was found to have the properties that seemed useful in our everyday lives. One of the most notable uses of garlic is its ability to stabilize heart beat, blood pressure, sugar level and asthma.


Notably, very few knew that garlic has the capability to treat even external disorders and bacterial diseases like nail fungal infections.


Common Uses

Anti-bacterial property falls among the top of its common uses. It is deemed as effective in the treatment of nail fungus, insect and other animal bites, allergies, burns, yeast infection, herpes, among many other external problems.


It also cures colds, asthma, respiratory (lung) problems, sore throat, laryngitis, parasites and sinusitis, among others. It is also known as effective for cancer prevention. It helps in cholesterol check and is sometimes made into tonics.