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Ginkgo Biloba

Natural Hair Growth Herbals


Common Names

Ginkgo, scientifically referred to as Ginkgo Biloba, is also known by many other names which include Bai Guo, Ginkgo Nut, Maidenhair Tree and Yin-Hsing.


Ginkgo Biloba itself, in fact, rings a bell as many of the frequently advertised medical protects and herbal mixtures, have been mentioning Ginkgo as one of the ingredients of the medical product - as if they?re selling just the Ginkgo, which is known and scientifically proven to have significant properties largely contributing to medical science.



The popular Ginkgo Biloba L. (or simply the Ginkgo tree) was found to have been the one and only remaining specie that belongs to the plant genus known as Ginkgoaceae.


Ginkgo has played a major role in the long history of China (Mainland) It has been in use by many Chinese doctors of the ancient times, even as pharmacists of the old era make use of Ginkgo of many of their medical and herbal mixtures for remedial purposes.


General Information

Ginkgo is one of the most important herbs in China. It is also considered as a treasure by both the Chinese doctors and Chinese pharmacists. It is however imperative to take note that Ginkgo in itself has been used as medicinal remedy for many known ailments.


Equally noteworthy is the gaining popularity of Ginkgo in Europe and the United States as Ginkgo and its essential herbal properties are slowly taking western medicine to greater heights.


Parts Used

Ginkgo?s leaves is considered as the most beneficial part of the plant, which has made many medical wonders and developed wonder drugs that raised eyebrows of many men of science from the western side of the globe. Nuts are also useful though, or so it says.


Common Uses

Ginkgo has properties which makes it a viable component in the preparation, mixture and manufacture of medicines. Its herbal properties include anti-inflammatory, cardiac tonic cordial, vermifuge, tonic, vasodilator, astringent and antitussive. It is also used in treating diabetes.


Ginkgo is deemed as an effective antidote to ailments like allergies, hay fever, alopecia (baldness), asthma, brain deficiencies, memory loss, bronchitis, eye problems, sexual disorders (erectile dysfunction and impotence) among others. It is considered the Viagra of the ancient times.


However, what makes Ginkgo stand out is its ability to cure alopecia. Alopecia is an ailment described as related to baldness and hair loss. Ginkgo actually promotes hair growth and hair-regrowth for those who have lost or have started losing strands as a result of under going chemotherapy or just because of aging.

Ginko Biloba