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He Shou Wu

Natural Hair Growth Herbals


Common Names

He Shou Wu, which is scientifically referred to as Polygonum Multiflorum, is also known by many by other names including Flowery Knotweed, Fo Ti, He Sou Wu and Ho She Wu.


It is also known as Chinese Knotweed and Fo-Ti-Tieng.



He Shou Wu emanates from China. There is a Chinese legend as to how He Shou Wu got its name. According to legends, He Shou Wu is the name of the old man who has maintained youth, remarkable vigor even at an old age and to top it all, he fathered literally a long list of siblings.


There were no references as to how old he lived or how many children he fathered but as legend says, the figures were way above what has been recorded in the Guinness list of greats.


Botanists say that He Shou Wu is derived from the plant genus known as Polygonaceae Knotweed family.


General Information

Ancient Chinese consider it as the real deal insofar as the search for the genuine ?Fountain of Youth? is concerned.


He Shou Wu is a vine. It has twining herbaceous vine which measures from three to six feet in length. It also has branches described as reddish, where stems with oval leaves, grow. Likewise He Shou Wu boasts of its rhizomes which could weigh as much as six pounds.


It grows in grasslands and forest edges. Incidentally, the plant could also be found in Japan.


Parts Used

While the He Shou Wu vine grows by as long as six feet and produces rhizomes that could weigh as much as six pounds, but only its roots are deemed as essential in the development of herbal therapeutic medicines.


Common Uses

He Shou Wu is commonly used for cholesterol control and weight loss. It also serves as cure for insomnia, kidney and liver cancers and menstrual syndromes. It was also developed to enhance sexual activities, an aphrodisiac of sort.


He Shou Wu has properties designed to preserve the beauty of one?s hair. In fact, Chinese people, who are known to be highly dependent on herbs for their medicines, claim that He Shou Wu?s half-century old roots effectively preserve natural color of the hair and prevent hair from turning to gray or white.


It also prevents our hair from thinning. More importantly, it helps maintain a healthy hair, free from hair loss even as testimonies of the ancient Chinese show that He Shou Wu promotes hair growth and re-growth.

He Shou Wu