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Common Names

Jojoba, or Jojoba Oil, refers to the wax what is technically known as Simmondsia Chinensis or S. Californica. It is a shrub that grows in abundance in the Southern California region, from where its scientific term apparently was derived.


To some it is known as Goat Nuts.



Jojoba comes from the plant genus Buxaceae Box family. It was discovered in the desert region of the Southern California (and also in Arizona) where it grows in abundance to date.


Jojoba produces an enormous volume of wax in oil form. The oil extracts from Jojoba resemble much like of the oil extracts from the whales. Since killing of whales are generally deemed as illegal and a threat that could result in the extinction of whales, Jojoba was made as an alternative.


American Indians used it for grooming their hair, just like the modern day hair wax and gels.


Parts Used

While Jojoba grows in abundance in the dry parts of the American soil, oil (or wax) derivative may not be that simple as findings show that seeds are the only ones that appear useful in the generation of oil - meaning it would take time before one could actually harvest seeds, which are usually borne of its bloom.


General Information

Jojoba Oil is not actually oil. It is a wax in form of oil. The wax in oil form derived from Jojoba is found to have high molecular weight, which makes it an ideal replacement to the oil extracts from the whale. It is a combination of Monoethylenic Acids and alcohol.


The Jojoba Oil extracts are processed into wax, which have been proven to be extremely essential in treating skin disorders and fungus.


Common Uses

Jojoba Oil is basically used as cleansing oil designed to treat nail fungus, skin disorders (like acne) and may be used as a skin care solution (applied externally).


Cleansing solution that it is, Jojoba oil has been highly recommended by doctors in treating nail fungus and other external skin disorders caused by bad bacteria.


It is also used for grooming. In fact, history shows the American Indians as having a passion for it.  They were said to have used the Jojoba Oil as gel or wax to firm up their hair arrangement.