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Common Name

Kelp, scientifically referring to Fucus Vesiculosus, is an herbal component widely regarded as an effective yet natural weight loss regimen. Kelp has many other names, which include Black Tany, Bladderwrack, Bladder Fucus, Cutweed, Hai-Ts'ao, Kelpware, Rockweed, Sea Oak, Seaweed or Seawrack.



Kelp, comes from the family of sea organisms called as Fucaceae Brown Algae, which can mostly be found in New England and eastern part of America. However, there is no certainty as to where it was first found as there are other shoreline states where Kelp also grows.


Its habitat is in rocky beaches and open seas where there is a regular depth change (low tide and high tide) where it is often seen floating.


Parts Used

The entire plant is essential in the preparation and mixture of herbal medicines. It has analgesic, antiscorbutic properties that make up a good medical component. It also made into tea or soup, which enhances increased metabolism thereby resulting in weight loss. Its capability to promote weight loss could be attributed to its laxative property.


Taking Kelp also lessens appetite which further helps in keeping one?s weight within what is ideal to the person himself. It also provides us with the much needed iodine, which prevents us from getting goiter.


General Information

Kelp is basically seaweed. It is described as ?floating stems? where green bladder-like branches grow. The leaves are shaped like a coil, while its stem looked more of leather. In fact, it is the leaf-shaped branches that make it float.


Kelp is generally considered as a very helpful herb. It promotes stable activity of our glandular secretions. It is also made to keep us away from cancer. It also helps reduce cellulite, a cure for arthritis and rheumatism. More than these, it is an effective weight loss herbal therapy.


Common Uses

What makes Kelp an essential herb is its high iodine concentrate. There have been recorded cases of patients recovering from goiter by regularly taking Kelp.


As a weight loss regimen, Kelp promotes increased thyroid glands, which helps in inducing a faster metabolism of the body thereby resulting in quicker burning of calories - thus the weight loss takes place.


Scientific findings also tend to show Kelp, as positively contributing to mom?s lactation, thereby assisting in natural breastfeeding. Rheumatic conditions could also be addressed by taking Kelp regularly.