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Natural Nail Fungus Treatment Herbals


Common Names

Lavender, scientifically referred to as Lavandula Officinalis, is also known by many other names, which include Common Lavender, Garden Lavender, Spike Lavender, Sweet Lavender and True Lavender.



Lavender is an herbal shrub that is commonly found the Southern Europe where it was said to have been first discovered.


It was said that Lavender has been in use for many years, dating back to the ancient era. However, getting Lavender would not come easy and cheap. It was said that it has maintained its stature of being very expensive considering its proven dependability and efficiency as ?advertised? by word of mouth.


Parts used

The Lavender flowers are considered precious and costly at that. It is from the Lavender flowers that the herbal essence is derived. Information gathered tends to show that Lavender flowers have therapeutic properties seldom found in other shrubs.


General Information

The Lavender shrub, which is common in the southern European region and the western United States, blooms in areas moderately close to the equator, where there is sufficient sunlight and little rainfall.


It is a shrub that has many branches where narrowly structured leaves awkwardly positioned opposite each other grows. The leaves are clad in grayish green color. It also has small blue flowers that actually bloom in between the months of June and September. The flowers emit a strong relaxing scent.


What makes Lavender stand out among other shrubs is that it has since been valuable considering its price. It was said that getting Lavender don?t come easy and cheap because of the cost for which it is being sold. Testimonies of its being effective largely contributed to its high price.



Common Uses

Lavender flowers are used to treat abrasions, cuts, abscess, burns, acne, yeast infections, colds, among others. It however found to have effectively addressed even the worse bacterial infection, specifically that of the nail fungus.


It is also a good remedy for anxiety, stress, tension headaches, migraine, cardiac palpitations and sleeping disorders. It has also found its way to our kitchen. Lavender flowers are said to be good culinary ingredient for dishes that require aromatic scent. It is also used to enhance floral arrangements.