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Muira Puama

Natural Hair Growth Herbals


Common names

Muira Puama, technically referred to as Ptychopetalum Ovate or at times Ptychopetalum Olacoides, is also known by common names Marapuama, Potency Wood, Potenzholz, and Marapama.


It is also popularly known as the Pot, a traditional aphrodisiac used by both men and women, who finds the herb as an effective boost in prolonging sexual performance and enhances virility.



It was first heard to have been used by the Rio Negro settlers in Brazil as their muscular pain reliever, men?s sexual enhancer and hair grower. Amazons were also said to have use Muira Puama with catuaba to produce other herbal medicines.


Scientifically though, the Brazilian shrubs which traces back its origin from Ptychopetalum Olacoides Benth and Ptychopetalum Uncinatum Anselmino, is actually a member of the plant genus known as Olacaceae.


Parts Used

While Muira Puama is generally considered as effective and beneficial, it is only the plant extract that seemed useful. Extracts are generated through boiling the entire plant. Once extracted, the plant is rendered for disposal, most probably as fertilizers after it decomposes.


General Information

Muira Puama traces back long era of Brazil?s use of it as an aphrodisiac and nerve stimulant.


Likewise, it was used as an essential ingredient of numerous herbal remedial medicines treating a long list of ailments which includes sexual potency and guess what - baldness.


However, there haven?t been any documented scientific proofs on its efficiency, although people that have made use of it don?t need ?documented exhibits? for as long as it works for them.


Common Uses

Muira Puama is also acknowledged as treatment for dyspepsia, menstrual disorders, arthritis, rheumatism, tonic, appetizer, pain reliever, paralysis (caused by poliomyelitis) cure and to top it all - baldness.


It is also deemed as helpful in addressing stress, hypertension, genital weakness and impotence (which actually categorizes Muira Puama as the ancient Viagra). Moreover, what Muira Puama actually does is to promote prolonged sexual activity among couples.


It is also used as a maintaining herbal heath medicine, designed to keep us away from ailments. It also keeps both men and women from losing their hair as its herbal extracts promote hair growth and re-growth at that.

Muira Puama