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Natural Nail Fungus Treatment Herbals


Common Names

Olive (or Olive Leaf to some) is also referred to in its scientific term Olea Europaea.


There are not much of monickers in store for the Olive (or Olive leaves) but it symbolizes a high esteem of respect and superiority, as mentioned and described in many folklores and myths.


There are stories however how Gethsemane got its name. Gethsemane is derived from two Greek words: Gat and Shanim, meaning olive press.



The story as to how the Olive trees came about traces back from the ancient times. In fact, stories on Rome, even before Christ was born mentions of the Olive trees, and has been consistently in the books when Jesus came to being. Reference material made available in the web revealed that the Olive trees date back 3500 BC.


Parts Used

Olive trees may grow as tall as 30 feet but interestingly, only their leaves appear to have earned the respect of both the ancient people and modern day earthlings.


General Information

Olive leaves are symbolic. It connotes peace, superiority, victory and honour. In fact, Olive leaves are from where crowns for the winners in the ancient Olympics, are made of.


It is however noteworthy to mention that it was also the ancient people that discovered its many other usefulness - aside from being an Olympic crown.


Stories foretold claimed that ancient people make use of the olive leaves as talisman. There are also stories claiming that the people that time already discovered its herbal prowess and medicinal properties suitable in treating fungal infections among many other disorders.


Common Uses

As in the ancient times, green Olive leaves are made into crown to signify superiority, victory, honor and peace. It remains as symbol of those.


Medically speaking, it has found its way into the kitchen as a culinary dish enhancer. It is also worthy to mention that it has therapeutic components capable of treating ailments like nail fungus. It is made into natural skin care product, oil and heart tonic cordials. It also helps cure hypertension, breast and prostate cancers.