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Common Names

Pumpkin, scientifically referred to as Cucurbita Pepo, is as popular as Halloween as the ?large orange melon? are used as scary props to add up ?spice and grandeur? of America?s most famous holiday, next to Thanksgiving Day.


It is also by many other names which include Field Pumpkin and Vegetable Marrow.



There are no specific data that would substantiate proofs as to where pumpkins originated. There were claims however that pumpkins were first discovered in North America. There were proof though pumpkins have been around as early as 5500 BC, in Mexico.


Many are living on the wrong impression that Pumpkins are vegetables. It is in fact a fruit. Pumpkins come from the family of melons. It traces back its specie to plant genus Cucurbita.


Parts Used

Pumpkins, big as they are, have variety of uses aside from being a scary prop during Halloween. For one, seeds are used as de-worming agents, which controls parasites in our system. Its pulps are likewise essential in the preparation or herbal medicines for cure of various ailments.


General Information

Pumpkins are famous for its role during Halloweens. It is made into a head by curving our holes which would look like eyes, ears, nose and mouth.


Pumpkins grow on vineyards which may grow up to 26 feet in length. Its fruits (usually clad in yellow and orange) measure from one pound 1,000 pounds, while its leaves are bristly and big. The fruit part has numerous shallow grooves and many flat oval seeds inside.


Common Uses

Pumpkins are beneficial, that is for sure. It has a long list of beneficial properties, which helps cure ailments and maintain fitness.


Aside from de-worming agent, it is also used as remedy for prostatic hypertrophy (enlargement of prostate glands) and detoxifying component. It is likewise tapped in dietary compounds.


Long-term intake of its herbal component also keeps us away from many other diseases including various forms of cancers affecting the lungs, the colon, urinary bladder, cervix, breast and the skin. It also reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Pumpkins have therapeutic qualities promoting hair growth - good news indeed for the bald and the balding people.