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Common Names

Rosemary, a compound word derived from the words ?Rose? and ?Mary?, refers to other names like Compass Weed, Dew of the Sea, Garden Rosemary, Incensier, Mary's Mantle, Mi-Tieh-Hsiang, Old Man, Polar Plant and Rosemary Plant. It is neither a flower for which Rose is known nor does it have anything to do with the biblical Virgin Mary.


It is also known with its scientific term Rosmarinus Officinalis.



Rosemary is an evergreen shrub that traces its roots from the Mediterranean region. It belongs to a plant genus known as Lamiaceae or Labiatae Mint.


It was said that the Queen of Hungary was among the first patients who have been treated for paralysis and gout. Best seller book Don Quixote was also said to have used Rosemary as ingredient in his recipe. Other references apparently trace back Rosemary as a traditional herb that improves memory. Stories about the middle age era associate Rosemary to wedding.


Parts Used

Rosemary?s upper or aerial parts and its essential oil extracts are those which are deemed as important figments of the herb.


General Information

Rosemary is considered as a very beneficial herb that does not only find its way into the science of medicine but also goes as far as the kitchen. It has in fact been used as an ingredient in culinary delicacies.


Rosemary however is more associated with the crowning beauty. It is in fact a popular hair grower and an herbal plant designed to keep us from losing hair. It promotes a healthy scalp and strands.


Common Uses

While Rosemary may have been very popular for its hair growth enhancing properties, it is also deemed as effective in treating other ailments which include aches and pains, asthma, memory loss, brain disorders, bronchitis, chronic fatigue, colds, menstrual syndromes, lung cancer, lupus, rheumatism, arthritis, and scabies.


Rosemary has also found its use as an essential herb in treating people with anxiety problems. It is also used for facial care, weight loss and promoted stable cardiovascular condition. Edible as it is, it also serves culinary purposes.