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Saw Palmetto

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Common Names

Saw Palmetto is known for many other names like Sabal, Sabal Serrulata and Palmetto. It is however worthy to note of its scientific name - Serenoa Repens. It has also a botanical tag, Serenoa Serrulata.


It is an herbal component known to come in two forms - extras effective and less effective. In the past, it is considered as a very effective herbal component in treating prostate cancer. In the late 1990, it was introduced as something that helps cure baldness. It is also considered as a vital component in the preparation and manufacturing of medicines used on treating impotence and erectile malfunction.  



Saw Palmetto is an herbal plant that comes from the family of Arecaceae Palm. It is basically a palm tree. It is grown in many tropical countries, as other palm tree specie does. It is originally found in North America.


Parts Used

What makes Palmetto extra efficient, in treating both prostate cancer and baldness are the properties found in its dried ripe fruit. Its fruit was found to have high concentration of green volatile oil, steroidal saponins, fixed oil and tannins.


General Information

Saw Palmetto gained its popularity when its herbal component was made to cure prostate cancer among men. Palmetto was in fact found to have been ten times more effective than any other cure, which compelled further study on it.


As a result, it was delisted by the National Formulary?s list of medical ingredients. However, other countries sustained the practice and use of Palmetto. It was in the late 1990s when Palmetto finally made a comeback when it was re-introduced into something else - a cure for baldness.


Common Uses

The basic use of Saw Palmetto is directed towards men. It is an essential cure to prostate-related ailments, which includes the terminal stage of such illness. As for women, Saw Palmetto is known to have contributing factors to breast enhancement and triggers active lactation for new moms.


Saw Palmetto was found to have properties amazingly effective in treating baldness among men. It is also good in treating colds, sinusitis and a sexually transmitted disease known as herpes. Saw Palmetto is also an aphrodisiac even as it enhances erection among men who have been having difficulties in it.



Saw Palmetto