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Natural Colon Cleanse Herbals


Common Names

Senna has another name - Alexandrian Senna. It is also bound the branch of science known as Botany, where it is termed as Cassia Senna or Senna Alexandria.



Senna is a shrub that belongs to a plant genus known as Caesalpiniaceae family. Senna grows in abundance in North Africa. It was said to have been widely used as early as the 9th century. It was also the people and merchants based in North Africa, who introduced it to the Europeans in the 10th century.


There were other stories which lay claim over Senna?s origin. Senna was said to have originated from Egypt. After discovering Senna's existence in Egypt, ancient men of science also got a glimpse of this shrub in Sudan (along the Nile River). Another claim came from the ancient men of science in Asia who were said to have found Senna shrubs in parts of India. Both claims apparently were true and false. True, because they both discovered two distinctive species of Senna. False, because North Africa made an earlier claim of its origin.


Parts Used

The Senna leaves and pods are rich in herbal essence which keeps our internal system clean. It also has a long list of medicinal benefits, making it more essential. What makes senna ?phenomenally essential? is its ability to keep us away from the colon cancer by keeping us literally clean from fats, cholesterols, toxins among many other substances that are clogged in our system.


General Information

Senna leaves have herbal extracts which have been found to possess therapeutic properties and essential oils deemed as vital in the preparation of modern day medicines.


Its medicinal value could not be quantified, especially in the development of maintenance drugs designed to keep our digestive system and the colon free from the unwanted toxins, which if undetected could result to colon cancer.


Colon cancer falls well within the world?s top ten killer ailments, because colon cancers show ?virtually undetectable? symptoms. One would only get to realize he has one at a time when the cancer is already deemed as malignant.


Common Uses

Senna is very effective and useful as laxative. It eases pains caused by constipation and checks on irregular bowel discharge. Since it is a laxative, it is also deemed as beneficial in our colon as it cleanses of unwanted toxins, which could later cause cancer.


Another popular use of Senna apparently serves the agenda of weight loss system.