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Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero)

Natural Hair Growth Herbals


Common Names

Siberian Ginseng, known scientifically as Eleutherococcus Senticosus, is also called Eleuthero. In Siberia, it is referred to as Touch-Me-Not and Devil?s Shrub. Other names include Eleuthero Ginseng, Ci-Wu-Jia, Wu Jia Shen Jing or simply Ginseng.



Siberian Ginseng comes from the Araliaceae plant specie. It has similarities in essential properties with that of the Asian Ginseng (which is more popular as Chinese Ginseng).


Siberian Ginseng are said to have been found during the ancient times in Russia, China, Korea and Japan, although this type of shrub grows in abundance in Russia.


Parts Used

Not all parts of the herbal plant known as Siberian Ginseng are useful. Of the shrub, only the roots and rhizomes appear to be beneficial or possess the properties required of an herbal therapeutic.


General Information

Siberian Ginseng, which grows by as much as three meters (10 feet), has a wide variety of herbal uses and benefits.


This particular shrub has become an herb that has remarkably high demand in the United States because of its health-enhancing qualities just like those found in the Chinese Ginseng. It is however worthy to take note that this particular herb remains banned in the United States.


It is also deemed as an expensive herb in the United States, not just because selling this particular herbal shrub is unlawful under the federal laws, but because it has to be imported from where it grows in abundance.


Common Uses

Just like the Chinese Ginseng, the Siberian Ginseng is considered as an energizer. It enhances one?s stamina.  


The Siberian Ginseng is less famous in treating a long list of ailments. However, it is known to keep us from getting any of those ailments which appears on the list.


There is however one very important and equally notable trait of the Siberian Ginseng - its ability to protect us from hair loss even as findings apparently show that it enhances hair growth or re-growth as for persons who may have undergone chemotherapy.  

Siberian Ginseng