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Slippery Elm

Natural Colon Cleanse Herbals


Common Names

Slippery Elm, scientifically referred to as Ulmus Rubra, is known by many other names which include: Sweet Elm, Indian Elm and Moose Elm.



Slippery Elm, which are common sight in North America and parts of Canada, has a found its rightful spot in the American History. It was said that Sweet Elm has saved many American soldiers in war. It was said to have been extensively used as treatment to gunshot wounds.


In what appears to be another big role, Slippery Elms are also mentioned in the English history. Elms was said to have served as treatment of sore throat and cough to a great number of folks, who were mistaken to have been afflicted with a pandemic.


Slippery Elms come from the plant genus called as Ulmaceae or Elm family.


Parts Used

Elm tree barks are useful in the treatment of cuts and fractured bones. Researches in the latter part of the ancient era revealed that Elm tree barks are also able to cleanse and treat urinary tract infection. In fact, the use of elm tree barks dates back to the American Revolution where soldiers suffering from gunshot wounds were given doses of Elm Tree bark essences to ease the pain. It was also made as cleansing solution to gunshot wounds to prevent from infections. The flowers, of the Slippery Elm tree are also found to be beneficial too, to a limited extent at that.


General Information

The Slippery Elm bark powder is generally considered as one of the best components in the treatment of wounds, boils, ulcers and burns. Its herbal properties appear to have the ability to ease the pain and inflammation.


Findings show rich concentration of mucilage, a slimy fiber giving a soothing feeling even as it protects mucus membrane inflammation as well as irritation - if taken as tea.


Common Uses

While Elm Trees are known for its therapeutic properties, proven to be an effective cure to external problems, its barks could also be taken internally in tea form. The result has been impressive so far as manifested in various testimonies of people who were cured of the digestive and colon disorders.

Slippery Elm