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Tea Tree

Natural Nail Fungus Treatment Herbals


Common Names

Tea Tree, scientifically referred to as Melaleuca Alternifolia, is also called by many other names: Cajeput Tree, Melaleuca and Manuka.


Just like any other teas, it has properties that tend to ?cleanse? internal and external unwanted if not totally harmful component.



Tea Trees belong from the plant genus known as Myrtaceae.


This particular plant genus comes was said to have been first discovered at the New South Wales region in Austrailia.


There have been stories as to how it was first discovered. One of them is in 1770 chronicle where journeyman Captain James Cook was said to have a stop over at the New South Wales in search of an herb from where they could make something that would keep them warm. Their search took them to a marshy village where they found and discovered it.


However, there were other stories disputing claims that it is Cook?s expedition that discovered Tea Tree. It was said that even before Cook made a stop at the New South Wales, aborigines in the region have long been boiling its leaves to serve as their tea.


Parts Used

What makes a Tea Tree beneficial are its leaves, which are boiled and distilled to make us a hot drink to keep us warm. Its leaves are also made to extract essential oil, which are stored and used as first aid and cure in many external ailments.


General Information

Tea Tree does not stand out among the rest of the plants found in a marshy ground. It is in fact a small plant with small, narrow leaves with bottle brush flowers clad in dirty white color.


Rare as it is, Tea Tree however stands out among other plants which are made to produce either black or green teas.  It has an aromatic scent, which alone provides a relaxing feeling.


Common Uses

Given the essential oil extract from the Tea Tree, it cleanses us from many bacterial forms, which includes nail fungus. In fact, a study involving 117 patients tends to show that Tea Tree oil extracts very good treatment to fungal infections, particularly those described as toenail onychomycosis. The tea tree oil extracts are also made to cure many other external disorders like abrasions and cuts, acne, burns, candida and yeast infections.


Tea Tree