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Common Names

Watercress or Tall Nasturtium, a widely grown plant that thrives in clear waterways, is one of the common herbs which are made into an integral ingredient in the healthy watercress soups that we sip in Chinese restaurants. It has a scientific name of Nasturtium Officinale.



Watercress comes from everywhere. It grows where there is a running clear and cold waterway.


As far as the origin of its name, Tall Nasturtium (or what is commonly called as watercress) came from Latin words ?Nasus Tortus? which means twisted nose. Twisted nose was the result of how people make face with the pungent odor of watercress.


Parts Used

Only the leaves of the watercress seemed useful. However, traditional healers claimed that the entire plant is useful in making sick people well.


General Information

Watercress is generally a culinary ingredient. In fact, its leaves are most common in salad preparations and as garnishing in meals that we eat in restaurants. It is made into broths, teas or juice.


More than culinary use, it has herbal properties that promote health and fitness. It is widely used by women in addressing gynecological disorders, even as it enhances breast milk production for lactating mothers.


Common Uses

The top use of watercress leads to the kitchen and dining table. Watercress is made as the green component of salads. It is also made to garnish meals an leaf extracts are either boiled as tea or made into juice.


Watercress is known for being useful in the treatment of canker sores (which appears in the lips or tongue), blisters (mouth area), swollen gums and bad breaths.


It is also used to address women?s gynecological concerns which come along with the monthly menstrual period.


Likewise, watercress could be a made into a pain reliever of sorts. It is also known to be effective in getting rid of skin disorders like eczema and dermatitis. In both instance the use of watercress leaves are done externally by dipping a clean towel in water where watercress leaves are boiled. In some instances, it is used for bathing to maximize its healing effects.


Among the other ailments where watercress appears effective are gout, acne, ringworm, rashes, infections, chronic ailments, indigestion, bronchitis, among others. More than anything, it is a general fact that watercress is a detoxifying herb.