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Wild Yam

Natural Breast Enhancement Herbals


Common Names

Wild Yam rings a bell among couples. Also referred to as Aluka, China Root, Devil's-Bones, Mexican Wild Yam, Rheumatism Root, Shan-Yao or Yuma, Wild Yam is a known Aphrodisiac that enhances intimate moments between a man and his wife.


Men of Science however call it as Dioscorea Villosa.



Wild Yam, which comes from the Dioscorea (of the Dioscoreaceae variety) was said to have first grown in Mexico, but grows in abundance in the United States, particularly in Connecticut, New York, Southern Florida, Western Texas and Minnesota.


Wild Yam is believed to be among the Dioscorea specie with high steroid component, which explains why it is an Aphrodisiac.


Parts Used

While Wild Yam is considered as edible (in fact, it has been said that it is eaten by people in tropical countries), only its roots and rhizomes produce therapeutic effects.


General Information

Yam is basically edible and is abundant in many tropical countries. It is consumed just like any other food as it contains carbohydrates that make us feel ?full?.


However, there are other yam species that contain glycosides like botogenin and diosgenin. Both components are processed to produce steroidal effects that enhance or energize us.


It was in 1936 when scientists finally developed these components to make medicines derived from the therapeutic properties of the herb (Wild Yam). The medicinal product line that was produced from these two components includes contraceptives, hormones, corticosteroids, androgens, estrogens, progestogens and sex hormones.


Common Uses

Aside from being an Aphrodisiac, Wild Yams are also said to be an herb that is effectively containing ailments like osteoporosis and menstruation-relation conditions and discomforts.


Wild Yams are also used in countries where rapid population growth appears to be a problem. Wild Yams are promoted as a ?natural? way of family planning, through contraceptives containing Wild Yam essence.


It also reduces cramps and pain among women during their monthly menstrual period. For new moms, Wild Yam was said to contain component essences that enhances breast and breast milk production.


Wild Yam