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Natural Colon Cleanse Herbals


Common names

Wormseed, referring to its scientific tag Chenopodium Ambrosioides, is known by other names - American Wormseed, Feather Geranium, Goosefoot, Jerusalem Oak, Jesuit Tea, and Stinking Weed.



As to how or where Wormseed originated, it was said that the strong-smelling plant is a native of the United States and Canada. However, there have been those claiming Mexico and South America as its place of origin.


Available records show that Wormseed got to be noticed as an effective as a medicinal herb in the 19th century, although much have been said about the American Indians knowing its use for generations.


Parts Used

The herbal essence of wormseeds come from its aerial parts and flowering tops. Flower tops and toothed green leaves are processed to produce essential oil extracts required in the preparation of other herbal medicines.


General Information

Physicians have been very cautious about this herb. Wormseeds are said to cause nausea and dizziness among those taking or using it. It was also said that it results in paralysis, or sometimes may lead to death.


However, after a thorough study on wormseeds, it was found to have more benefits than harm. Harm, it was learned, could actually be avoided with if properly administered with just the right dosage.


The tree itself grows by as high as five feet. Its physical attributes include a vertically upright stem, toothed, oval-shaped leaves and small spiky green flowers.


Common Uses

Wormseeds are found to have many uses. The most significant however is its ability to cleanse our inner system, which includes the colon and the intestine. As an efficient cleanser, wormseeds keep us away from colon cancer. Incidentally, colon cancers are detected only after it has been fully developed, making treatment a lot harder even as chances are generally considered as slim.


Aside from keeping our colon free from unwanted toxins, wormseeds also kill parasites (tapeworms and roundworms) inside our body. It also serves weight loss agenda.